Yokos is an innovative dairy and non-dairy yoghurt brand that defies the traditional limits of yoghurt.
Through experimentation with natural ingredients, Yokos develops authentic double-cream yoghurt and innovative plant-based yoghurt alternatives that allow more people to live purely.

Yokos values health and well-being, but understand that everyone approaches it differently. Dairy lovers should have access to the ultimate unsweetened double-cream yoghurt, made with rich, nutrient-brimming milk, so Yokos has packaged a delicious full-cream, Greek-style dairy yoghurt to satisfy their cravings. Yokos also wants lactose-intolerant and vegan taste-seekers not to have to forfeit yoghurt’s gut-friendly health benefits, so it has developed a scrumptious, nutritious, flavour-loaded range of dairy-free, vegan-friendly yoghurt made from plant-based ingredients.

Yokos’s wide range of unsweetened plant-based options makes us one of the only yoghurt brands in the world to offer this much taste variety and choice for a dairy-free or vegan lifestyle. Since its inception, the Yokos team has worked tirelessly on its specially formulated recipes to get the best nutritional value and flavour in every tub, ensuring the sensational palatable punch that keeps customers coming back for more.
Love almonds? Yokos has got you sorted with South Africa’s only almond dairy-free yoghurt. It’s even got exquisite tubs of cashew vegan yoghurt and hazelnut vegan yoghurt. If you’re allergic to nuts, no stress; the Yokos preservative-free coconut vegan yoghurt and Oat vegan yoghurt will give you your fix.
Yokos has covered all the naturally decadent bases so that you can live purely.


Your health is important

Your health and wellness are as important to Yokos as they are to you. The Yokos team has witnessed the benefits of following a healthy diet of conscious eating habits and has packed its yoghurts with high nutrition, essential probiotics and live vegan cultures, making them both supremely delicious and gut-loving. All of the Yokos products are unprocessed, non-GMO, additive-free, gluten-free, gelatin-free, soy-free and sugar-free. They contain no preservatives and no artificial anything. This is the flavour of pure goodness.

Yokos ™ respects the environment

In its commitment to caring for the environment, Yokos has developed a range of plant-based vegan yoghurts and ensured the ingredients for its non-dairy yoghurt comes from ethical, sustainable sources. Yokos is against animal abuse and holds a strong respect for nature. Its personal relationships with suppliers and producers mean it knows where all its ingredients come from and how they are made. It is Yokos’s social and environmental responsibility to be good to people and kind to the planet.

Yokos ™ ingredients are pure

Yokos never compromises on using only the highest quality ingredients. Its nut yoghurts come from handcrafted, home-made almond, cashew, grounded by the team at Yokos factory. We value authenticity. And we take pride in only using fresh ingredients and simple processes, its vegan yoghurts are high in nutrients, and maintain the smooth, creamy texture and rich natural flavors that are the hallmarks on an exceptional plant-based yoghurt product – whether nuts milk- or plant-based. Yokos is real food – pure and authentic.