Frequently asked questions

Is the Dairy or Dairy-free milk come in can?

Yokos’s pure dairy milk comes from cows, the coconut milk is imported from sustainable sources and the nut milks are made by a local, ethical producer who ensures that each milk contains 25% nuts (as opposed to commercial nut milks that only contain 2-4% nuts). We love supporting passionate entrepreneurs like ourselves and are thrilled that our nuts are all proudly South African.

Is Yokos a healthy product?

Definitely so! All Yokos products are made from the finest natural ingredients. Yokos does not add any preservatives, additives, colourants, gelatin, alcohol or GMOs, and its yoghurts – both dairy and non-dairy – are gluten-free and sugar-free. Yokos yoghurts are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. They contain good fats and probiotics and are beneficial for a well-balanced gut.

Do you use cream in your products?

Yokos does not use any cream in any of its dairy and dairy-free yoghurts. It only uses the purest and finest cow’s milk or plant-based milk.

Do Yokos products contain artificial colourants, preservatives, additives or GMOs?

No, all Yokos dairy and non-dairy yoghurts are colourant-, preservative-, additive- and GMO-free.

Is there sugar in Yokos products?

No, all Yokos products are sugar-free and unsweetened.

Do your products contain gelatin or alcohol?

No, Yokos uses neither gelatin nor alcohol in any of its products.

Are Yokos products gluten-free?

Yes, none of the Yokos products contain gluten.

What is the shelf and fridge life of Yokos dairy and non-dairy yoghurt?

Yokos Double Cream Plain Yoghurt has a shelf life of 15 days and all its non-dairy cultured yoghurts have a 30-day shelf life from date of production. None of its products contain preservatives and should be consumed within four to five days of being opened and exposed to air. To maintain the longest possible life, keep your yoghurt in the fridge when not in use, don’t expose it to high temperatures and always use clean utensils to scoop it out of the tub.

Where can I purchase Yokos dairy and non-dairy yoghurt?

Yokos non-dairy yoghurt is sold across South Africa, at various national retailers as well as through health stores and delis. Visit the ‘Locator’ tab on the website to find a Yokos stockiest near you. Yokos’s tubs of dairy and non-dairy yoghurt are also stocked at its yoghurt concept bars. Visit the ‘Yokos concept bars’ tab on the website to find out more.
If you can’t find Yokos products at your nearest retailer in your area, and you would like to stock our yoghurt in the store, email

I do not see Yokos in my area. Where do I get it?

Yokos is constantly expanding its distribution to new areas. If you want Yokos to be stocked at your local store, click on the ‘Locator’ tab and complete the request form, so the Yokos team can investigate opportunities in your region.

Can I buy Yokos dairy and non-dairy yoghurt tubs directly from Yokos yoghurt concept bars?

Yes. Although other retailers only stock Yokos non-dairy yoghurt, at Yokos concept bars you can purchase both its dairy and non-dairy yoghurt to take home with you. Yokos concept bars also stock a wide variety of healthy products. Click on the ‘Yokos concept bars’ tab to find out more.

Can I freeze Yokos yoghurts?

Yes, Yokos yoghurt can be frozen, but note that once it thaws it may have lost its thickness and creamy texture, so it is best to use straight from frozen for chilled smoothies.

Are your non-dairy products vegan-friendly?

Yes, they are. All Yokos non-dairy products contain zero animal products or by-products, and are made from consciously sourced plant-based ingredients.

I am a blogger or media representative. With whom should I get in touch to find out more about Yokos or request an interview?

Please contact to receive all the necessary information and high-resolution images relating to our brand. You can also schedule an interview with our founder Eric Bedier.

I am interested in a Yokos concept bar franchise. How do I go about this?

Click on the ‘Wholesale or franchisee’ tab and complete the form. You will be contacted once your request is received. Yokos looks forward to exploring the possibilities with you. Alternatively, email

I am interested in stocking Yokos in my store. How do I get in touch with you?

Click on the ‘become a stockist or franchisee’ tab and complete the form. You will be contacted once your request is received. Yokos looks forward to exploring the possibilities with you. Alternatively, email

I have a complaint or suggestion about Yokos. Who should I email?

The Yokos team would love to hear from you, and values your feedback. Please contact

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Send us an email to or alternatively contact us at this number: (+27) 725754958