Yokos is an innovative non-dairy vegan yoghurt brand that defies the traditional limits of yoghurt.

Through experimentation with natural ingredients, Yokos develops authentic and innovative plant-based yoghurt alternatives that allow more people to live purely.

What people are saying

“Silk smooth, rich texture and ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Lovethat amazing quality coconut yoghurt is now available in ZA!”

Kelly Bee

“Brilliant experience. Not only lovely products, but also great service. Highly recommend it!”

Estelle Terblanche

“Oh my Gosh, I was totally unprepared for the awesomeness that hit my tastebuds when I bought your coconut yoghurt smoothie with blueberries! And it was completely sugar free, because I did not have the agave nectar added. Awesome stuff. I will be the agave nectar added. Awesome stuff. I will be making the long trek to your counter every weekend!”

Yanga Zembe Zondi

“The best yoghurt I have ever tasted! So glad I discovered this product, it is delicious!”

Adrienne Louw